Package A  $800.00
This package covers all the basics for your wedding day along with a photo montage to set the stage for your wedding video. You will receive two hours of pre-wedding coverage. One camera is used to capture the ceremony. We position ourselves in an isle seat so you will have excellent coverage of the bridal party walking towards the camera and down the isle. After the stunning reveal of the bride as she is escorted down the isle, the camera is placed on a tripod and the remainder of the ceremony is shot from the back. The groom wears a wireless microphone for the best audio during the exchange of vows and rings. After the wedding has ended we will shoot the post wedding activities prior to the reception. At the reception we will provide three hours of reception coverage. You will receive three copies of your wedding day. Your video will be edited including background music for specific scenes, opening credits, titles and ending credits. The DVD will be a fully authored and interactive DVD complete with a main menu and scene selections and special features. All DVD's will come with a beautifully designed custom DVD case cover.

Package A details:

  • One Photo Montage
  • Opening credits with music
  • Two hours of pre-wedding coverage
  • The wedding ceremony covered with one camera 
  • Post wedding coverage
  • Three hours of reception coverage
  • Ending credits with background music
  • Three edited and authored copies on DVD
  • Custom case covers

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